Friday, January 27, 2017

My 30 Minute Interval Workout

Yep, I like to run.  I especially like running fast, even though I'm not naturally very speedy. 
Anyone who runs and trains properly can become faster.  

The workout below is my current favorite. I kinda dread it, kinda look forward to it, every Wednesday morning. It has made me a faster runner, so I keep doing it. 

It's an ideal workout for the treadmill. I just hop off onto the side rails during the easy intervals.  I also love that with the treadmill I can easily keep track of my speed as I go. 

Some people have asked what kind of treadmill I have. I have a workhorse, barebones machine we bought when I was pregnant with my now-13-year-old. And it gets used. It is a Vision Fitness T9200. We've never replaced the belt, but we do keep it lubed up with this product. 

Another thing I love about this workout is how neat and tidy the numbers are: 10-10-10. I'm not obsessive compulsive, but I do appreciate an uncomplicated plan. And this workout qualifies.

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